Friday 9 December 2011

A holiday is one of the biggest purchases we’ll make all year

For many of us, a holiday is one of the biggest purchases we’ll make all year. Because of this it’s a purchase which is always loaded with expectation.

But the problem for customers is that holidays are intangible. The customer can’t wander around a showroom or testdrive their holiday; they can’t take a guided tour of the trip before they set off; and they can’t try a free sample of their week in the sun before they decide to buy.

Thankfully in recent years tour operators have benefited from the power of the internet to offer customers more information through ever more inventive means. Where in the past we had to make do with holiday brochures, now we have interactive, 360-degree images and online tours.

So what are the major developments we've seen in recent years to help customers understand exactly what they’re booking? How has the internet in particular helped to break down the barrier of intangibility? And what benefits does this bring for customers? Peter Lampkin, managing director of Intimate Holidays, will discuss these quesitons and more in the finished article.